Who we are

Editorial team

The editorial team at Auto Retail Network is headed by Tristan Young. The publications are edited by a team of experienced business journalists. However, one of the reasons Auto Retail Network resonates with the auto retail industry better than its rivals is because many of the articles are written by experts from retailing – both from within and outside the automotive industry, aftersales, finance, property, market trends and many more.

Tristan Young


 Tristan Young - editorial director



Mark Simms



 Mark Simms - editor, Auto Retail Bulletin






 Tom Webster - editor, Auto Retail Profit



The office team

Based in Oakham, in Rutland, is Auto Retail Network's powerhouse. The are Francis, Frances (yes, that does get a bit confusing on the phone), Ros, Caroline and Angie. Oh, and not forgetting Lucy the office dog.

ARN team


 The office team (from left) Caroline, Frances, Francis, Angie & Ros








Auto Retail Network was founded by Rupert Saunders and Francis Marshall in 2004. Rupert and Francis set up the Auto Retail Network and started publishing Auto Retail Bulletin in order to provide high-level strategic business information.

Rupert and Francis also worked to the idea that it was possible to read only one independent publication and get all the information a retailer needs. This philosophy hasn’t changed today and while Auto Retail Bulletin has now been joined by Auto Retail Profit and Auto Retail Agenda  each publication still offers only the information their readers need, and no more.

Rupert and Francis were guided in the start of Auto Retail Network by former Lookers boss and well known auto retail figure Fred Maguire. Fred is now Auto Retail Network's chairman.

Rupert Saunders


 Rupert Saunders - managing director



Francis Marshall 

 Francis Marshall - commercial director