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Auto Retail Network is the UK's premier networking organisation for senior executives and managers in the auto retail industry. It is designed to help you run your business more successfully and take away some of the information overload that clutters your desk.

Members get business-critical advice, support and analysis from leading industry consultants, trainers and advisers through our newsletters, Auto Retail Bulletin and Auto Retail Manager plus Agenda our new weekly email newsletter. This content is unique to Auto Retail Network.

Auto Retail BulletinAuto Retail Bulletin

Auto Retail Bulletin presents strategic advice and analysis for senior executives and auto retail business owners. It helps you run your business successfully and takes away the information overload.

Members say they get great value from the business, legal and financial analysis provided by our specialist editorial panel. Auto Retail Bulletin also offers unique management data, such as KPI indicators and monthly car sales by customer type.


Auto Retail Profit

Auto Retail Profit presents best practice and case studies for operational decision makers in auto retailing. It is a training tool to help you make more money in auto retailing.

Auto Retail Profit takes ideas that work, explains why they work - and shows how they could be applied in your business. Auto Retail Profit is written largely by fellow auto retailers. They are people who have had success in this business and want to pass that knowledge on to you.


Auto Retail Agenda cover

Auto Retail Agenda

Agenda is your look at the coming week, sent on a Sunday night putting you one step ahead ready for Monday morning.





Market reports
Auto Retail Network continues to lead the industry in the publication of specialist market reports. They provide in-depth analysis of auto retail issues and are essential to business planning and development.

Business briefings & seminars
Auto Retail Network members stay ahead of the game through our regular briefings and seminars on business-critical topics. They get privileged access to high value experts and excellent networking opportunities.

Editorial panel
Auto Retail Bulletin is written largely by industry experts, not journalists. Contributors include top legal and property professionals, leading accountants and analysts whose advice would usually cost you thousands of pounds.