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Auto Retail Network Event
The current model for measuring CSI is broken and does not reflect the service & care standards demanded by today’s customers. This one day conference aims to rethink all aspects of the business model for CSI measurement, real-world customer service levels plus staff recruitment and retention.
In today’s tech-savvy environment, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game. It’s not just enough to have a great website - consumer experience and a positive online presence are key elements to retaining existing trade and gaining new business. During our Digital Landscape event, we will launch this year’s Website Report.
Auto Retail Network will hold its Aftersales in a Digital Age seminar on 10th September. Our one-day seminar will focus on these key areas and our guest speakers and industry experts will demonstrate how, by taking hold of digital technology, you can drive profitability, get a healthier return on investment and improve performance.
With the internet by far the most important source of sales leads in the auto retail market these days, are you confident that your company's website is achieving its potential. Is it working hard as hard as it could for your business? And can you be sure it will continue to perform well in the future?
Aftersales revenue has long been recognised as a one of the fundamental metrics in a franchised auto retail business. But it is coming under ever increasing pressure. This high-value seminar will outline the current challenges in aftersales but will go beyond that and discuss possible future strategies for success.