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Targets. It’s how the auto retail industry has been propelled since day one. But are the targets we set and use correct, and are the strategies behind these targets the best we can use? This new event from Auto Retail Network aims to answer those questions and more.
Understanding and using new tools to secure tomorrow's customers. Watch our highlights film of the Website Report and New Technology Conference 2015.
Watch our webinar about Rockar Hyundai - Challenging the traditional car buying process
Watch our webinar on How to use Facebook Ads. This webinar teaches you how to drive measurable results from Facebook Ads, strategies you should try, common mistakes to avoid and how to make the most of your budget.
The current model for measuring CSI is broken and does not reflect the service & care standards demanded by today’s customers. This one day conference aims to rethink all aspects of the business model for CSI measurement, real-world customer service levels plus staff recruitment and retention.