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With the Prime Minister about to activate Article 50, the auto retail industry has many challenges, questions and opportunities ahead. On 4 April Auto Retail Network is holding a conference in central London to discuss the what’s ahead.
Join some of the best known senior executives in the auto retail industry for this live, online business briefing. It’s just 30 minutes of your time and we will update you on 2017 sales performance to date, plus give you the inside knowledge to hit your targets – this month, next month and in the months ahead.
Understanding the customer’s attitude and behaviour in the digital world
Understand the implications for retailers, manufacturers and finance companies.
Targets. It’s how the auto retail industry has been propelled since day one. But are the targets we set and use correct, and are the strategies behind these targets the best we can use? This new event from Auto Retail Network aims to answer those questions and more.