Franchising Report 2013

FRANCHISING REPORT 2013 is the only complete guide to the structure and sales performance of franchised auto retail networks in the UK. It details new car sales points and trends by carmaker, giving a complete picture of the current state of UK car sales and authorised repair franchise networks. It also provides forecasts for the coming 12 months with details of open points, network growth (or shrinkage) and projected vehicle throughput per dealer.

NEW FOR 2013: our forecasts and prediction of franchises to watch in 2014 and beyond. Plus the latest NFDA franchise value ratings.

FRANCHISING REPORT 2013 examines the influence of auto retail groups on the industry with up-to-date analysis of the franchises held by major groups.

The report also contains exclusive analysis of new car warranty and service plans - plus detailed background on the UK new car and LCV markets, the European new car market and a vital contacts section.

FRANCHISING REPORT 2013 is current and fully updated. Data has been drawn directly from carmakers, other definitive industry sources and personally checked by Auto Retail Network researchers.


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(summary & trends)
Definitive car sales points
Previous year trends
Open points
Forecasts for 2013
Network growth analysis
Sales per outlet

(manufacturer by manufacturer)
New car sales points (2013 & forecast)
Total vehicle sales (2012 & forecast)
Franchise value ratings
Franchises to watch
Open points
Authorised repair points
New car warranty analysis
New car service plans
Business & LCV specialists

Network sizes
Franchises held
Influence on network
Manufacturer ownership

European best sellers
Registrations by major markets

New car registrations 2012 – fleet & retail
New LCV registrations

Dealer development
Car & LCV sales
Aftersales and fleet


Non-members, please call 01572 724687 to order your copy.


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