Audi to start online sales

  02 June 2019

Audi will begin online sales on Wednesday with a small pilot scheme and has confirmed the programme will in time be rolled out to the UK.

Next week’s trial is confined to the German market only and with just 99 limited edition TT coupes but Audi says eventually online sales will come here and that its retailers are being kept fully informed.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Retail Agenda, an Audi spokesman said: “Online sales are coming to the UK but the special edition TT will not be, that is a car for other markets.

“The dealer network is aware of things changing but we will continue to operate with them in the same way. We just announced a mobility partnership with Sixt and that complements the existing offer with Audi on Demand that our pilot retailers have. It will be the same situation with online selling, it is just a way to ensure the customers get satisfaction in the buying process.”

Martin Sander, vice president global marketing and sales, added: “We are garnering experience and learning a lot about user and buyer structures through this pilot project. This much is clear – online sales is just one pillar of future sales. Bricks-and-mortar retailing continues to be a strong and reliable partner for us even in times of digitalisation.”

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