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As a consumer as I’m as guilty as the next person for having the default setting to go independent first for bodyshop work, but maybe I should re-examine that attitude and maybe franchised retailers...

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Earlier this week I tuned into a webinar during which two themes in particular caught my attention, one highlighting a gap in the market and the second being the corollary of that, a good opportunity...

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On this occasion I take absolutely no pleasure at all in saying ‘I told you so’ in the wake of this week’s news that Infiniti has pulled the plug in the UK and western Europe. At the start of...

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Last November I wrote an article based on the annual accounts of BMW retailer, William Morgan, which warned that the manufacturer force-feeding stock through its retailers to deliver volume risked...

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Inchcape’s results last week didn’t make for pretty reading, at least not in terms of its UK and European retail business. A near £200 million goodwill write-off due to problems in vehicle supply...

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In the last Auto Retail Profit live webinar a few weeks ago, David Smyth, a director the family-run Swansway Group said the whole EV/low emission market would get a boost from the introduction of...

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