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Until now I have always shopped around for tyres based entirely on price. Lots of experience attending tyre tests and demonstrations over the years means I am very particular about the tyres on my...

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Few in the car retail trade will look back on 2018 with any fond memories. It was hard, wasn’t it, really hard.  Most manufacturers and their franchised retailers were blindsided by the diesel...

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When I first started writing about the auto retail industry, just over 20 years ago, Pendragon was already established as one of the leading players. Its chief executive, Trevor Finn, was our...

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Anyone who has had to trudge around shopping centres or retail parks in search of Christmas presents these past few weeks will probably say it has not been a pleasant experience. Trying to find a...

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There hasn’t been much in the way of cheer in the new vehicle market this year but let’s celebrate it where there is and turn the spotlight on the van sector, and specifically the fast growing...

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From a manufacturer’s bonus and targetting point of view, should plug-in cars be treated any differently to a conventionally powered car? This week’s NFDA EV Dealer Attitude Survey implies that...

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