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Is the trade missing something of a trick in the way it pushes and promotes second-hand hybrids and EVs? We can all see which way the wind is blowing. In Q3 demand for used plug-ins, hybrids and pure...

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I listened to this week’s (excellent) Auto Retail Network’s Q4 webcast and one message I took was that while retailers can’t change Brexit, the diesel issue or WLTP, what they can do is focus on...

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On Page 1 of the `How to run a successful business’ handbook should be the phrase `turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’. How many times have I written and you read over the past several months of...

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Car manufacturers want to see some help in today’s Budget after being hit by the diesel issue, Brexit, the slump in the Chinese market, green car grant cuts, WLTP and all the other headwinds which...

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The auto retail industry is not exactly flavour of the month with the stock market at the moment, unless you are big into used car retailing. It’s not just this week which has seen some big names...

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Last month Theresa May opened the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in Birmingham with a pledge of £106 million for the development of EV cars, vans, batteries and the recharging infrastructure. This...

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