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Tough call, isn’t it, when a manufacturer for which you hold a franchise says it plans to set up a new brand and expects you to get fully behind it and invest. The trade is littered with cases where...

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Much has been said about the change to WLTP CO2 and mpg testing, but could one of the side effects be a surge in registrations this August? We know that all cars built from 1 September will have to...

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Eyebrows may be raised at our story this week about a couple of property portfolios which are on the market and maybe a ripe investment for anyone with a few million going spare. You can’t beat...

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One way or another the issue of supply has been very much at the forefront of the trade in this past couple of weeks and will only grow throughout the summer. On one hand a set of financial reports...

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Adrian Frearson, that was his name, the energetic sales exec at what was then Greenhous Vauxhall in my native Stoke-on-Trent. When I was a young motoring writer for the local newspaper he invited me...

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