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I doubt I was the only one tuning into the Auto Retail Network Q3 webcast earlier this week who found the message coming from the sharp end of the business quietly reassuring. Between them Andy Bruce,...

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August is the quiet month, what my old news editor used to call `the bucket and spade’ month, when everyone goes off for a breather, for sales and workshop teams to forget about meeting targets for...

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Other than knowing where the on/off button is on my PC my IT skills are those of someone from the Stone Age so perhaps I am not the best person to comment but I have long been inherently distrustful...

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This month alone we’ve seen Ford, RRG Mazda and Mercedes paying for floor space in big retail centres to put their cars in front of shoppers walking between Next and Nandos, and many others (eg MG...

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Tough call, isn’t it, when a manufacturer for which you hold a franchise says it plans to set up a new brand and expects you to get fully behind it and invest. The trade is littered with cases where...

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Much has been said about the change to WLTP CO2 and mpg testing, but could one of the side effects be a surge in registrations this August? We know that all cars built from 1 September will have to...

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