Last month Theresa May opened the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in Birmingham with a pledge of £106 million for the development of EV cars, vans, batteries and the recharging infrastructure. This...

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Right now I reckon there is probably more money to be made from letting airfields so manufacturers can store tens of thousands of (currently) unwanted cars on them than there is selling the metal. The...

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I WAS reading a report last week which forecast an acceleration of the current trend towards mergers and acquisitions in our industry. The gist was that on the one hand bigger companies are looking to...

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For this week we‘re going across the pond to look at an event which happened the other day in New York and which just may one day land on our shores. A digital dealership, Carvana, which says it...

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One way or another electric/hybrid cars have been in the news a lot of late and focused attention on what we all know is just around the corner but I wonder if there is a danger of trying to build a...

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I’ve heard enough of WLTP and Brexit for a while so let’s think about something positive and pleasant instead – staff. When valuing the assets of a dealership you count the physical stock and...

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