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Many young people today say gender matters less. While they may not be buyers today, should this be something retailers take on board and incorporate into their sales strategies? That could be...

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Tesco’s share price tumbled 2.4% after lawyers Leigh Day announced it was bringing a case on behalf of female staff on the shopfloor and tills, who believe they should be paid the same as male...

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Where do you stand on warranties? Are they a useful earner for your workshop or can they cause more trouble than they are worth because of exclusions? Coachworks Consulting, which advises retailers on...

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Does your business have sufficient in-house digital marketing expertise or do you work with a fantastic external agency? Online is now critical when it comes to business growth and one of the biggest...

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There seems uncertainty as to who actually coined the phrase, “there are three kinds of lies, lies, damned lies and statistics”. But, no matter who, it has a ring of truth this January. Read some...

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The theme of #NAW2018 – National Apprenticeship Week – is showcasing how apprenticeships work and for retailers thinking about taking apprentices on, why not check out the online map about...

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