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Vauxhall first, who will be next? Some dealers at other franchises I’ve spoken to this week have shrugged off the termination news, saying it’s what the trade does periodically to streamline the...

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Pay-to-use instead of pay-to-own. This is one of the buzz phrases in the trade and we can all see emerging signs of it but how, if at all, will it impact on dealerships? The theory is relatively...

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Is the trade in a bout of self-denial over the Q1 registrations and trying to put on a brave face on what appear to be some pretty dismal registration figures? Or are dealers actually holding up...

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For the past five years, Auto Retail Network has published the Website Report which looks at how the major retailers perform online. As part of this we electronically mystery shop all of the retailers...

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CDK Global’s launch of its Fortellis open access DMS platform on the eve of the NADA Show 2018 could be the breakthrough the industry needs to finally achieve seamless online and offline retailing....

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced last week that it will continue its enquiry into motor finance, following the publication of a report detailing its first leg of the investigation...

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