Do new car PCPs need to be investigated by the FCA? Probably not. Will they be investigated by the FCA? Maybe. There’s been rising chatter about buying (and selling) cars on PCP agreements for a few...

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Last year’s introduction of WLTP emissions testing caught a few manufacturers and retailers off-guard. This year on 1 September there’s a new emissions test coming in called RDE that could cause...

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Is a retailer legally bound to include in its advert for a vehicle where a customer can buy an equivalent one cheaper? It could be, if you logically extend the train of thought that led District Judge...

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Who would want to be a dealer facing a mess on the scale caused by some manufacturers and the possibility of a legal challenge at retailer level. Only this week Mercedes revealed that almost 750,000...

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How did it ever get to this? Like the unfortunate left standing against the wall at the school dance while everyone else enjoys themselves, Fiat Chrysler has been looking for a partner to join forces...

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This won’t go down well among many but I have to ask the question, are all sales staff really up to speed with the technology in today’s cars and what customers are looking for in them? It is...

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