The sales leads you throw away

Publication of our annual Website Report (launched at our Digital Landscape conference on Friday) is always a tense moment. By and large we try to avoid judging the industry, giving out awards or...

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We write a lot about alternative retail concepts at Auto Retail Network. Will this or that new idea work and should others follow suit? This week it’s the turn of Rockar Hyundai. The...

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Sold a used car lately? Of course you have. Allow me to rephrase my question: what I mean is, have you done as some of your customers do – draft an advertisement, take pictures and then post them on...

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It may still be October, but I know that businesses across the UK are planning for 2015 and one of those points that must be under assessment is new car registrations. The SMMT claims the new car...

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Do any of your customers really enjoy haggling over prices? There’s long been plenty out there to suggest that they don’t. But lately evidence for the case against has been mounting. Take Dacia. One...

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So, first Appleyard Cars and now Hyundai are opening new car showrooms ‘without staff’ – though one suspects there will be people hanging about in the background. Am I missing the point here?...

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