True MPG: where’s the beef?

How are you dealing with the tricky subject of fuel consumption? I only ask because, as you may be aware, there’s a bit of a campaign building over so-called ‘True MPG’ figures....

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Took my car in for its MoT test this week and it failed – so I can genuinely claim to be one of those motorists going through a ‘distress purchase’ right now. It wasn’t...

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Sitting in a conference room in Brussels for two days discussing the future of the European auto retail industry may not be everybody’s idea of fun. But sometimes it’s useful to get away...

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After saying so much about how franchised retailers need to shout louder about the level of customer care they offer, particularly in aftersales, I’d like to add that there is a limit to the...

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I’m banging on about aftersales again and without apology, too. This time it’s to share the rather neat approach Stratstone applies across its Mercedes-Benz retailers in the North. For...

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I’ve been car buying (again) and there is one overwhelming point that I feel the need to jump up and down about. As franchised retailers, you don’t do enough to promote your strengths....

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