How much information does a salesman need?

Last week I wrote about the problem of customers knowing more details about the car they’re about to buy than the salesman selling said car. Following my comments, which questioned if it was...

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Over the past few months one of the common themes that keeps coming up when I start talking auto retailing is the shift in knowledge from the person selling a car to the person buying the car. This is...

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In the past couple of weeks I’ve heard the UK and European car markets described in a host of ways by car manufacturer bosses. None of them positive. Some use phrases such as “a bit...

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What’s the worst car advert on TV at the moment? For my money it has to be for the Peugeot 208 – where you don’t even know it’s a car commercial for 75% of the time and then...

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It’s always good to spend time with Peter Cooke, professor at the Buckingham University Centre for Automotive Management. He’s been authoring the BCA Used Car Report (among other things)...

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After three years running Web Workshops for members of Auto Retail Network and watching the development of social media use by retailers, we thought it was about time ARN took the plunge too. Yes,...

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