Giving credit where it’s due

There was a time when the target of a dealer’s wrath was always the manufacturer. Wandering in and out of dealerships these days, I have noticed a change. It is the banks who have all but...

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Those dealers looking forward to any little fillip which electric cars will bring to their showrooms anytime soon will have been less than pleased with Mitsubishi’s honesty this week. The car...

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Ever wondered if your manufacturer has got a plan B? If Glass’s recent prediction is right, within less than 10-years you are going to need a franchise which offers either an electric vehicle or...

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Given the fuss which Warranty Direct (and one other private individual) managed to create this week over Kia’s TV and radio adverts (promoting its 7-year warranty), Vauxhall must already be...

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Vauxhall tantalised us all this week with its ‘lifetime’ warranty. But, like a gaol sentence, it doesn’t really mean life. It’s a bit of an exaggeration and pedants will no...

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Even with the government’s new grant of up to £5,000, the price of electric cars will still make some of us wince. Come January, when the grants become available, dealers will still find...

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