Electrifying facts

  15 August 2011

I try not to get involved in arguments about electric vehicles because I’m still open-minded on the subject. And this is how I suspect many retailers are on the matter; after all, if they are the future then someone will need to sell them.

What I want is more information on the subject, and more specifically, more accurate information. And what I don’t want is information that’s been spun to favour one side or the other.

I’ve heard the phrase before, but the recent findings from BMW’s trials of the electric Mini are a case in point. According to BMW, 80% of trips could be made using an electric car.

Now, I’m sure that’s the case, however, what about those other 20% of journeys? How far are they?
In my case about 80% of my journeys are less than 5 miles, but the other 20% are well over 100 miles. So if you look at the distance I drive, the stats reverse. So an electric car is only suitable for 20% of the distance I drive.

Open stats are the only way forward on this. Tests carried out by someone with a vested interest (either for or against) are never going to tell the whole picture. And even though figures such as these are meant to promote electric cars, they’re going to have the opposite effect.

Tristan Young

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