The feel good factor

  03 May 2011

Old hands in the auto retail industry will tell you that Bank holidays are good for business. But, as always, there is a caveat: it all depends on the weather.

If the weather is poor, then customers think it’s a great idea to go out and buy a new car; if the weather is good, they go to garden centres or buy barbecues. Okay, I generalise, but you get the picture.

Of course, these old hands (and indeed, none of us) have ever had to face two four-day weekends on the trot and a royal wedding. So it’s fun to speculate on just what effect all this has had on your business. Has the showroom been buzzing or deserted? Are online enquiries up or down?

Easter was blazing across the south-east but wet and grey in the north – mixed result. Most of the nation sat down to watch the wedding but that left the rest of the weekend to spend. Overall, it should have been positive, especially as the boredom factor kicked in around Saturday afternoon.

My spies tell me the high street supermarkets have had a record-breaking couple of weeks with barbecues, beer and bunting flying out the door. But that does not mean the nation is ready to start spending on high ticket items just yet.

What we need is a ‘feel good factor’. And, despite the best efforts of the bah-humbug brigade, the royal wedding does seem to have provided just that. UK-plc may have lost some of its shine but, hey, we can still put on a world beating spectacle of pomp and ceremony.

So, however you spent last Friday, let’s hope the wedding marks a turning point in the public mood. It’s been a difficult first four months; now it’s time to look ahead with new determination. Interest rates are low, disposable income is high and, to coin a phrase, there’s never been a better time to buy a new car.

I feel better already!

However you spend the weekend, do let us know what business was like. You can get me here:

Rupert Saunders

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