Auto Retail Live – New entrants, the changing landscape of auto retail

  18 May 2021








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A new breed of digital-only retailers are spending huge sums of money marketing themselves as the best way to buy a car, but is this really the case and can more traditional showroom-based dealers win online as well as off-line?

In the latest Auto Retail Live broadcast we’ll look into the detail of these business and what retailers with physical showrooms can learn from this new model.

In our next Auto Retail Live webinar New entrants, the changing landscape of auto retail, Simon Dixon, founder of Rockar, Neil Smith former operations director for Cazoo and Darren Preddy, Rapid RTC sales director will all delve into the details of online retailing.

The focus for this webinar will be to provide insight into online retailing and what traditional retailers can learn from the new online-only entrants.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • How to cope with vehicle returns
  • Do customer buy without a test drive
  • National vs local marketing
  • How to handle customer enquires without a showroom
  • Stock sourcing and stock turn
  • Logistics of home delivery

WATCH NOW : It’s 40 minutes that will give you practical advice and expert opinion on what showroom-base retailers can learn from the new breed of online-only dealers.


This Auto Retail Live broadcast is being held in partnership with Rapid RTC.




Simon Dixon, founder of Rockar

Neil Smith, former operations director for Cazoo and Imperial Car Supermarkets

Darren Preddy, Rapid RTC sales director

Al Clarke, programme host, Auto Retail Network

Al has held senior executive roles with Ferrari, Maserati and the SMMT. Al started his career as a journalist and presenter with a decade working for the BBC and in commercial radio. He has a particular interest in the application of digital technology and connected car services in the automotive industry and regularly speaks at, and chairs events on, these issues.


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