Auto Retail Live: The Future of Finance

  06 August 2020

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First broadcast: Wednesday, 12 August 2020

The FCA’s new rules on commission disclosure and a ban on discretionary commission payments will have far-reaching implications for the sale of cars. Our Auto Retail Live webinar on The Future of Finance will look at how retailers can continue to make money from finance, but also make the buying experience easier, clearer and simpler for consumers resulting in better customer satisfaction and increased new and used car sales.

In this Auto Retail Live webinar we’ll have Mike Pierce, managing director of Sytner Finance, Neil Pickles from RSM Risk Assurance Services, James Tew from iVendi and finance sales expert Andy Tong all available online to answer your questions and help improve your retail performance.

The focus for The Future of Finance webinar will be on what the new FCA rules mean to your business, what you can and can’t do as well as looking at how to future-proof your operations.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • What did the FCA report on car finance say
  • What are your immediate actions
  • What can and can’t you do
  • How you should be planning for the future

REGISTER NOW and watch, our Auto Retail Live: Future of Finance webinar for 30 minutes that will give you practical advice and expert opinion from some of the best experts in the auto retail industry

This Auto Retail Live webinar is produced in partnership with MotoNovo Finance.

It’s just 30 minutes of your time which will give you the inside knowledge safeguard your finance sales future.



Mike Pierce, managing director, Sytner Finance Mike Pierce

Mike has oversight for TCF, integrity, risk and F&I strategy. In addition to being a main board director, he is mentor for the F&I operations director and F&I compliance director. For the past two years Mike chaired the NFDA F&I Working Group, which advises UK franchise retailers on F&I regulatory matters. A key part of this role is regular interaction with the FCA on behalf of the NFDA. Mike was also the co-chair of the FLA & NFDA Liaison Group which works with FLA members to deliver ‘best customer outcomes’.

Sytner Group has 10,000-plus employees across 115 sites, a turnover of £6 billion and £2.5 billion+ of customer funding.


Neil Pickles, risk assurance partner, RSM Neil Pickles

Neil is and expert in FCA regulation having worked in the financial services sector for more than 15 years. He has significant experience working with consumer credit firms, including in the automotive industry. He is an FCA Skilled Person in areas of governance, controls and risk management and business conduct. He has hands-on experience of heling firms develop their systems and controls to meet FCA requirements.


Andy Tong, Managing Director, Profit Training Andy Tong

Andy works hard to find the positive in everything, sometimes when it comes to the regulation of motor finance by the FCA he has to work that bit harder! He’s an industry insider since 1984 and a proud advocate of the motor industry, specifically the advantage of motor finance to everyone in the retail chain, manufacturers, funders, retailers and customers.


James Tew, CEO, iVendi James Tew

James has spent his career within the automotive and financial services sector. For the past 20 years his focus has been on web enabling the traditional showroom process and over the past 10 years has been CEO of iVendi, an international automotive technology provider which focuses on the omni-channel retailing of vehicles and financial services. Working with motor finance companies, OEM’s and many 1000’s of vehicle retailers, the iVendi platform has a reach of 5 million unique UK consumers a month.  iVendi is authorised and regulated by the FCA and has built a sales focused platform with transparency at its core.


Al Clarke, programme host, Auto Retail Network

Al has held senior executive roles with Ferrari, Maserati and the SMMT. Al started his career as a journalist and presenter with a decade working for the BBC and in commercial radio. He has a particular interest in the application of digital technology and connected car services in the automotive industry and regularly speaks at, and chairs events on, these issues.


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