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  12 July 2013

Aftersales revenue has long been recognised as a one of the fundamental metrics in a franchised auto retail business. But it is coming under ever increasing pressure.

The market is changing, customer expectations are higher and, often, workshop revenues no longer cover showroom expenses.

Is there a new business model for the future?

This high-value seminar will outline the current challenges in aftersales but will go beyond that and discuss possible future strategies for success.



Theme 1: The current market challenges

* Changing face of aftersales (Chris Oakham, Trend Tracker)
Update on Trend Tracker report; trends in aftersales business; future car parc & aftersales market; key influencers in customer retention

* Meeting customer expectations (Alison Jones, Customer Quality Director, Volkswagen Group UK)
Working with your brand; strategies for success; delivering effective customer retention programmes

Theme 2: Developing your people

* Mystery shopping (Jason Jeggo, Douglas Stafford)
The mystery shop experience; franchise vs independents; what independents do well. Including real demonstration

* People skills (Steve Nash, chief executive, IMI)
The front desk experience; first contact; finding the right people; developing your people; handling the informed customer

* The mobile phone market (Simon Parkes, former ops director, O2)
It’s not about price; success in a commoditised sector; what O2 did

Theme 3: Future scenarios

* Emerging vehicle SMRs (Jason Fitzgerald/Mark Crockett, Innovation Group/Renault)
Impact on income of emerging technologies; satisfying hybrid/EV customer expectations; adapting your aftersales strategy

* A new business model? (Mike Jones, chairman, ASE)
Is 50% absorption the ‘new norm’; does it matter; how should we adapt; a new business model for the future

* Lessons from the US (Chris Hayden, CEO UK Operations, Group 1 Automotive)
The US business model; how they do it ‘over there’; lessons for the UK market


Date: Thursday, September 5
Venue: Mallory Court Hotel, Leamington Spa CV33 9QB
Timing: 9am – 4pm

Who should attend:

The seminar is designed to benefit senior executives with strategic responsibility in all sectors of auto retailing including dealerships, national sales companies and major suppliers.

> Business owners > Chief Executives
> Sales/marketing Directors > Finance Directors
> Franchise Directors > Aftersales Directors

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