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  21 March 2012

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Thanks to the internet, today’s car buyer is better informed than ever. As a result, customers are behaving differently and expectations have changed.


Have you reacted? And are you really on top of the latest internet trends and best practice?


This Auto Retail Network seminar gives you a chance to learn from the top names in the business – world-leading industry experts who will bring you up-to-speed and help you sell more online.


Keynote speakers and facilitators include:

* Alex Rose, automotive industry manager, Google

* Allistair Carmichael, acquisition manager, eBay Enterprise
* Elizabeth Ritchey, head of dealerships, Reevoo

* Allen Scott, former director of customer marketing, Inchcape Retail
* Steve Jones, director of digital strategy, autotorq
* Roland, Schaack, managing director, Codeweavers
* Tina de Souza, director, Moskardo
* Katie Williams, communications manager, Grants SEAT
* Al Clarke, chairman, Motor Industry Public Affairs Association


Topics under discussion include:

* understanding today’s consumer
* making your social media strategy pay
* working with user generated content
* going mobile: what’s really involved
* your online ‘must haves’ – and how they work
* integrating real time finance

Venue: Henry Ford College, Loughborough
Date: Thursday, June 28
Timing: 8.30am to 3pm

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