28 June 2021

Do you really know how car buyers go from needing or wanting their next car to the final purchase?

Auto Retail Network’s latest report Winning and retaining customers in an always-on world examines consumer buying behaviour, the processes and technology involved, attribution and tracking, brand advertising and wider marketing trends both inside and outside automotive.

Winning and retaining customers in an always-on world will help your business advance its marketing skills with the latest expert analysis, key executive interviews and market studies.

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What’s inside

Consumer car buying behaviour

We already know car buyers spend far more time online researching their next purchase than they do in the physical showroom. We investigate the speed of the change to a fully online model from a consumer perspective. How can retailers market to these buyers.

Process and technology

Are online shoppers the same as showroom walk-ins? How to handle customers at different stages in the sales funnel. We also look at how an ever-increasing number of systems and services on offer to the retailer can help this process. We examine what’s on offer. Is it possible to spot a good lead and if so, what does one look like?

Attribution and tracking

 Clicks, leads and conversions. How do, and how should, retailers give credit to the multiple touchpoint’s consumers experience while shopping for a car.

Brand advertising

 Building a brand correctly and well should ensure longer term success. What should a retailer’s brand stand for? What promises should you make to customers (and staff) and how do you get those messages across successfully and efficiently?

Internet presence

 SEM, SEO, PESO, domain authority and Google My Business; what do retailers need to know to make sure their stock, name and services are visible when consumers go online to research and search for their next car or their next service requirement.

Outside automotive

 We examine other sectors to provide auto retail with the answers. What influence will the next generation of buyers have on consumer behaviour, plus how ethical are shoppers in the real world?

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This report is produced in partnership with eBay Motors Group.

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